Rethymno Rocks! Open Air Festival #3 T-shirts are now available in 2 designs and you can get them:
1. Straight via Unique Tattoo & Body piercing, 131 Arkadiou Street, Rethymno.
2. By placing an order via www.rethymnorocks.gr/merch , (cash on delivery, Greece ONLY).
3. By placing an order via www.rethymnorocks.gr/merch and choosing option “Pickup from Unique Tattoo…”. Upon checkout, don’t neglect to write a note what day and hour you wish to pickup your order from Unique Tattoo.
We won’t be able to ship abroad because of various issues we’ve had in the past with returning/undelivered packages. However, T-shirts will be available during the festival days at the merch stand in the festival area.
Thank you all for your support!!!🤘
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