Yet another top Swedish band this year at Rethymno Rocks! Festival! Searing heavy melancholists EVERGREY led by the iconic Tom S. Englund make their return to Greece after 5 years, carrying a celebrated legacy of over 25 years of non-stop high quality sonic creativity.  After the brilliant “The Atlantic”, “Escape of the Phoenix” and “A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)”, EVERGREY have “launched” themselves to a higher level of hauntingly beautiful artistic expression, demonstrating exemplary professionalism as a unit, both studio-wise and live on stages all over the world. Their dark, progressive, atmospheric and at times symphonic heavy sound, combined with Tom’s absolutely mesmerising and highly emotional vocal performance are the perfect ingredients for producing such an amazing range of songs that we will have the chance to witness live on stage at the Castle! EVERGREY are coming for the first time in Crete on the 31st of August to skyrocket this year’s edition of Rethymno Rocks! Festival.  You don’t want to miss this, ladies and gents!

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